Dzianiny frotteTerrycloth fabrics

Among bed sheet materials, except flannel, terrycloth fabrics – also offered by TRANS-TEX, are growing in popularity.

Terrycloth is knitted fabric with characteristic loops, making it a thick (thickness depending on loop length), highly absorbable material, delicate in contact with skin.

Our basic portfolio covers terrycloth fabrics in a variety of weights that can be easily adapted to individual needs of customers. General composition in traditional production process is 85% cotton and 15% polyester terrycloth, or 100% polyester terrycloth. We can also integrate bamboo fibres in the fabric content. Bamboo fibres offer antibacterial properties and their hydroscopic properties exceed those of cotton or viscose fibres, high absorption of humidity; they also give the finished product a shiny and flowing appearance.

We can dye specific knitted fabric in monochromatic colours or jacquard motifs.

Possible applications of terrycloth fabrics

The looped outer structure of terrycloth makes it fluffy, soft and warm to touch. Their natural composition, with very high content of natural fibres, such as cotton, with the possible addition of synthetic fibres with desired properties, make it the ideal material for products for children and adults alike.

Terrycloth fabrics are most of all produced for the following applications

    • bathrobes for adults and children
    • comforters for babies and toddlers
    • headbands and wrist bands for sports
    • towels and hair wraps
    • bedsheets and bed linen.

100% cotton terrycloth or terrycloth with added bamboo fibres is the best material for baby products. Cotton will cause no irritations or burns on their highly sensitive skin. Organic cotton from ecologic farming (free from pesticides that often form residues on non-organic fibres) is a great choice.

Terrycloth fabrics made of cotton and polyester blends or fully from polyester fibres will be more suitable for children and adult products. The addition of polyester fibres with cotton fibres improves their tensile strength, resistance to crumpling and abrasion, thus extending the life cycle of utility products, especially bed sheets.