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Technical fabrics manufactured by Trans-Tex

The manufacture of technical fabrics offers great opportunities to create original textures, structures and compositions producing fabrics with interesting and practical properties. Those are fabrics made of synthetic fibres and their blends, featuring increased resistance to various agents. The type and degree of such resistance depends mostly on customer’s needs.

As the manufacturer of technical fabrics we can make them flame retardant, water-resistant, slip-resistant, piling-resistant, as well as resistant to sunlight and abrasion, which is desirable when protecting colours.

Diversity and matching

Trans-Tex is not only the manufacturer of polyester fabrics and other synthetic materials. We also offer linen fabrics of natural yarns, their blends and combinations with artificial and synthetic fibres.

We look forward to working with all industries. We specialize in the manufacture of flannel, muslin, carrier, raw, bed sheet, bookbinding and mattress fabrics.

Quality and safety

Little flexibility of the fabrics form factor enables applying extremely complex multi-colour patterns. Our materials are completely safe and free from dangerous substances which is confirmed by Trans-Tex having been Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Depending on the customer’s needs we may improve colourful fabrics by adding resistance to fading under the sun, rain or intensive wear.

The high quality of our products is our calling card and we keep improving on our process.

tkaniny flanelowe
tkanina flanelowa Flannel fabrics

Flannel fabrics, often referred to simply as flannel or molton, are manufactured in 160 and 220 cm widths. Flannel fabric may be white or coloured. It features an extremely soft and pleasant feel due to the process of surface teaseling. Flannel fabrics are technical fabrics used in the furniture industry, clothing industry (cleaning abrasive) or in buffing wheels.

tkaniny tetrowe Muslin fabrics

Muslin fabric is one of the common technical fabrics that we offer to our customers.

Muslin is manufactured in 80 cm and 160 cm widths, in several weave variants, in 100% cotton or in viscose blends. Often used in the manufacture of diapers and cleaning abrasives.

tkaniny tetrowe
tkaniny surowe
tkaniny surowe Raw fabrics

Raw woven fabrics are available in the following widths: 160 and 220 cm.

Raw fabric is often used in the furniture industry, but it also performs well in picture supports or as a filter fabric.

tkaniny pościelowe Bedsheet fabrics

Linen bedsheets are available in densities 120-160 g/m² and widths 220 – 250 cm.

Flannel fabrics are available in weight 165 g/m² and in widths 160 and 220 cm.

tkaniny pościelowe
tkaniny nośnikowe
tkaniny nośnikowe Carrier fabrics

A series of solutions for various industries, such as carrier fabrics for a variety of coated, needled, felt composites, etc.

Fabrics ideally suiting customers’ needs in terms of composition, width or weight are successfully used in the furniture, automotive, bookbinding industry, etc.

tkaniny introligatorskie Drill / bookbinding fabrics

To the bookbinding industry we offer Gaza Merle cotton fabric in width 112 cm and weight 70 g/m² m, as well as Kaliko linen. Cotton gauze, also referred to as technical gauze (“merle”) is available in widths 80 cm and 230 cm and in weights 70 g/m² and 80 g/m².

Technical gauze is not only used in the bookbinding industry but also in the pharmaceutical, furniture, and food industry, serving as carrier fabric for coats and composites, or as a cleaning abrasive.

tkaniny introligatorskie

Kaliko is a bookbinding fabric used in the manufacture of book covers, books, document files, diplomas, catalogues and albums. Made of natural materials, such as cotton yarn, Kaliko offers very good properties facilitating adhesion in the bookbinding process. Kaliko is available in width 100 cm and in weight 140 g/m2 100% Cotton.

Drill fabrics, or “drill” for short, is usually simply a thick cotton fabric with a diagonal weave that ensures high surface filling. This is because basically there is no free space between weft threads and warp threads. Drill fabrics are often used in the manufacture of work clothes and protective clothes. It is also used in the furniture industry to make upholstery and covers. They are also very well suited for the manufacture of decorative articles.

We offer the most popular drill fabrics – Baize and Panama. Panama is a cotton fabric with a thick weave available in widths 160 and 230 cm, and in weights 220-300 g/m². Panama weave is the derivative linen weave. Baize is a cotton or cotton and polyester fabric manufactured in widths 160 and 230 cm, and in weight 220 g/m².

Woven drill fabrics are 100%CO (cotton) or PES (polyester) and CO blends available in weights 180-400 g/m2. We manufacture drill fabrics with diagonal weave, baize (canvas) weave, panama weave and reinforced weave fabrics. Purpose – protective / work clothes, upholstery, covers, tablecloths or advertising bags). Fabrics may be bleached, dyed or conditioned with stain-proof, flame-retardant, hydrophobic, oleophobic and antistatic apprets.

tkaniny materacowe
tkaniny materacowe Mattress fabrics

Mattress fabrics are available in simple geometric designs, weights 130 – 150 g/m² and widths 230 – 235 cm, as 100% PES or 50/50 CO/PES and complements the family of knitted mattress fabrics.

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