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Flexible all-purpose materials

Each type of knitted fabric is valued by manufacturers and users, mostly for their flexibility. As opposed to fabrics that are flexible only in the diagonal dimension, knitted fabrics expand in all directions, perfectly fitting the human body or utility objects and requiring the minimum number of stitches connecting material edges.

In addition to high flexibility, products made of knitted fabrics feature softness, higher than that of woven fabrics, and permeability. On the downside, they are difficult to size precisely. Sometimes cutting of individual parts is difficult, especially when making clothing, which might result in shifting seams in finished products. However, the advantages of knitted fabrics prevail over minor processing disadvantages.

Technology in the knitting industry

Industrial, machine-made knitted and woven fabrics have better properties that hand-made fabrics. We obtain thin and dense materials, offering high resistance that cannot be achieved by hand knitted or crocheted fabrics.

As the manufacturer of multiple materials, Trans-Tex has the opportunity to produce knitted fabrics with incredible properties. Combining various types of natural, artificial and synthetic fibres, e.g. knitted wool fabrics (with dominant content of wool) resistant to felting, with improved resistance to abrasion and linting. Thin, but with great thermoinsulating properties.

In meeting of customers’ expectations, we provide them with products in the required width, length, weight, composition, texture, etc. so that each customer is fully satisfied.

Modern properties of knitted fabrics

We look forward to working with all industries. We supply our knitted fabrics to a number of industries. We can mix and match various fibre types, creating new and unique compositions and textures.

State of the art technologies enable us to achieve unique properties such as

  • resistance to linting (or producing ugly balls on the fabric surface);
  • preventing electrostatic charges and electric conductivity;
  • electrical and thermal insulation;
  • antibacterial and antiseptic properties – highly desirable in all types of seats used in public spaces and public transit vehicles;
  • flame retardant properties – this appret is used wherever a very high level of flame resistance is required;
  • additional fragrance or softening properties – desirable in upholstery and bedsheet fabrics, etc.;
  • slip-proof.

The ecologic aspect is very important to us which is reflected in our manufacture of knitted fabrics using natural yarns for the most demanding people with delicate skin. Such fabrics are completely biodegradable and fully recyclable.

dzianina materacowa
dzianina materacowa Mattress - furniture fabrics

Knitted furniture fabrics, including upholstery fabrics, are fabrics meeting the technical criteria required by furniture industry customers. They are used in such parts of upholstered furniture as mattress covers, covers and headrests of sofas, couches and chairs; they combine attractive custom designs, great strength parameters, resistance to compression, flexibility and resistance to surface pilling. Customers supplying their products to public facilities may order flame retardant apprets meeting global standards.

Also, products used in caravans and furnishing of other sleeping facilities in vans or trucks are increasing in popularity.

dzianiny funkcyjne Functional fabrics

The possibility to use multiple component yarns, significantly differing in functional properties, enables producing completely new fabrics. For instance, combining cotton fabrics with synthetic Tencel fibre we obtain a hybrid fabric.

The category of functional knitted fabrics covers also 3D spacer fabrics with integrated functional threads of copper, carbon, etc. Functional fabrics include knitted fabrics with antistatic, electrically conductive, electrically resistive properties, combined with steam permeability, air permeability, electrical and thermal insulation properties.

We offer our customers knitted fabrics with softening, fragrance and other apprets, such as antiseptic fabrics, antibacterial fabrics or flame retardant fabrics.

dzianiny funkcyjne
dzianiny trudnopalne
dzianiny trudnopalne Flame retardant fabrics

Flame retardant fabrics are specialized jacquard mattress fabrics with a special protecting appret applied.

Finishing treatment methods improve the competitive advantage of our products both with regard to structural parameters and very attractive and trendy applications.

Fabrics based on flame-retardant multifilament polyamide and polyester yarns are one possibility, obviously meeting all safety standards in force in Europe.

We further provide knitted fabrics with antibacterial properties and knitted fabrics with fragrance and softening apprets.

dzianiny antybakteryjne Antibacterial fabrics

The common name “antibacterial fabric” is a certain simplification. Possible applications of the finishing treatment process affect the form of our products.

One possibility is treating the fabrics with apprets. We offer specialized mattress fabrics treated with antibacterial or antiseptic apprets. Antibacterial fabrics, as well as all other fabrics on offer, meet all EU safety standards. We can also supply flame retardant fabrics or fabrics treated with softening or fragrance apprets.

dzianiny antybakteryjne
dzianiny antypoślizgowe
dzianiny antypoślizgowe Slip-proof fabrics

Slip-proof fabrics are used wherever a high surface friction factor is required, i.e. production of continental beds, Boxspring mattresses and toppers, preventing the relative slipping of the bed structure. They are increasingly used by the automotive industry in the manufacture of car covers, seats, garden furniture covers, wherever resistive surfaces featuring a high surface friction factor are required.

dzianiny naturalne Natural - biodegradable fabrics

Biodegradable fabrics are designated for the manufacture of furniture mattresses, comforters and pillows for the most demanding customers, including children. They are made by combining natural fibres, such as cotton, linen or wool.

Thanks to the best natural components, fabrics in the “Naturalis” line are fully biodegradable. They decompose within 3 weeks in the composting process.

dzianiny naturalne

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