Dzianiny jerseyJersey fabrics

Jersey fabrics are among the most practical and versatile materials. Cotton jersey, composed of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, or jersey with added polyester, are the most popular types. The major application of jersey is clothing, as it offers great possibilities of dyeing and application of even intricate designs.

Jersey is mostly used in classic t-shirts and long sleeves. In such a case, depending on the customer, jersey is produced with the addition of polyester, which significantly improves the strength of the finished clothing item while also reducing the production cost.

Classic cotton jersey is ideally suited for underwear items (sleeveless shirts, briefs), bedclothes, bedsheets (including bedspreads) as well as all items of clothing and accessories for children from day one. Elastane content may be increased to obtain better elasticity of a given fabric and better comfort of wearing clothes close to the skin, especially in underwear.

Due to the simple and natural content and attractive designs available, cotton jersey is very often used at home in DIY projects.

Mattress jersey – top quality

Trans-Tex portfolio covers the broad variety of mattress jerseys, the basic material used in furniture industry. As the name suggests, it is mostly used to cover bed mattresses, in the form of a cover with zipper that may be removed and washed.

Mattress jersey is a very soft, elastic, quilted fabric with wadding that improves the top layer softness, further enhancing the comfort of using specific mattress. Also used in the manufacture of pillows, armchairs and all kinds of leisure furniture – depending on customer’s needs.

Production capacity of Trans-Tex with regard to jersey is very high and versatile. Our fabrics are available in a weight range of 120 to 1500 g/m2; we also provide almost unlimited design potential. Fabrics may be produced using all natural fibres as well as artificial and synthetic fibres, to ensure that fabric properties are as required by the customer.

Our knitted fabrics may feature additional desirable properties, especially as regards mattress covers. Such properties include antibacterial, electrical or thermal insulation properties, high air permeability, fast drying, fragrance, and even the addition of aloe vera.